Shotty Lymph Nodes: Benefits, Effects, Location & More

Shotty is a common word which is used to describe the feel of lymph nodes. Shotty lymph nodes are hard and round in small size and have no consequence. The small lymph is often hard but usually of no clinical concern. However, brief yourself from the detailed information about shotty lymph nodes.

shotty lymph nodes

What is shotty lymph nodes?

Shotty lymph nodes are the small swollen nodes that occur when the immune system of our body is reacting to an infection. This is not the necessary sign of a particular disease. The infection in the lymph nodes may remain permanently enlarged.

Shotty is a common word which is used to describe the feel of lymph nodes. Shotty Lymph nodes are hard and round small in size and have no consequence. The small lymph is often hard, but usually of no clinical concern.

shotty lymph nodes

We all have an extensive lymphatic system in our body, that is made of lymph nodes and vessels. The lymph vessels carry a clear fluid called lymph which is collected from tissues throughout the body. Lymph contains cell wastes like bacteria, virus and cancer cells.

When fluid drains into lymph nodes where it is filtered by infection-fighting cells within the lymph nodes. The infections, fighting cells or white blood cells, destroy bad cancer and infection-related cells.

Thus, shotty lymph nodes are small in size(less than a centimeter) defending our body from the infections by destroying bad cancer and infection-related cells.

Shotty lymph nodes benefits

Shotty lymph nodes benefits & effects

There are a large number of lymph nodes found in the human body. Lymph nodes are small structures that filter for harmful substances. The fluid filters through lymph nodes at the elbow or under the arm. Here’s how they are beneficial for the human body.

Fight infections

Lymph nodes are an important part of the immune system of our body and help to fight infections. A swollen lymph node is the result of infection and referred to as lymphadenitis.

Contains water fluid

Lymph is a watery fluid which circulates within the lymphatic vessels. The nodes are found near these vessels. The fluid flows through lymph is called lymphocytes and protect us from harmful germs.

Lymph nodes effects – should I worry?

Swollen lymph nodes is the message that something is going wrong. Checking the symptoms helps you to find the problem. For example, if you are facing ear pain, fever and enlarged lymph node near your ear is the reason.

Swollen lymph node symptoms

  • A lymph node is painful to touch.
  • The skin over the lymph node is hot or red.
  • There is pus draining from the skin around the lymph node.
  • There are many lymph nodes instead of one.
  • If a child has symptoms like unexplained fever, weight loss, loss of appetite, etc.
Swollen lymph nodes pictures

Swollen lymph nodes pictures

shotty lymph node
shotty lymph node

Matted lymph nodes

A group of nodes which is conglomerated which can be eighter due to benign. It may be the sign of cancer that spread to the lymph nodes. Matted nodes are fixed to an underlying structure which raises the question of infection. You should take care of matted lymph nodes as they may be the sign of cancer that can spread to lymph nodes.

The nodes which are smaller than 1 cm in diameter are considered normal. But the nodes larger than 1.5 centimeters are considered abnormal. They are considered as connected one unit and called as matted.

The matted lymph nodes occur due to past infection or granulomas or lymphoma. The complete examination represents the primary step which suggests the causes and investigations will be done after that.

A group of nodes which is conglomerated which can be eighter due to benign. It may be the sign of a variety of condition including infection, sarcoidosis, or lymphoma. Matted nodes are fixed to an underlying structure which raises the question of infection.

shotty lymph nodes

Location of swollen lymph nodes

Lymph nodes of the body may become swollen due to various reasons. People might face swollen lymph nodes in different places.

1. On the neck

Swollen lymph node on the side of the neck or under the jaw is very common. It is the sign of infection around that area like tooth infection or abscess, viral illness, upper respiratory infection, etc. It may be the sign of cancer in the head of the neck.

2. Behind the ear and the base of the skull

Swollen lymph nodes at the base of the skull are the sign of infection around the scalp or an eye infection. It affects the scalp such as dandruff, an abscess or soft tissue infection.

3. Under the arm

The lymph nodes under the arm are important for breast cancer. While undergoing the investigation of breast cancer, the patients are physically checked. It plays an important role in staging and predicting the outcome of breast cancer.

This can also cause pain under breasts. The cancers like lymphoma and leukemia can cause enlargement of these lymph nodes.

4. Above the collarbone

The enlargement of lymph nodes above the collarbone is always considered as abnormal. This is the sign of cancer or an infection closed to cancer. It is found in the form of lung infection, lymphoma in the chest cavity, breast cancer, and lung cancer. Some causes of swollen lymph nodes may be tuberculosis or sarcoidosis.

5. Lymph nodes in the groin

The swollen lymph nodes in groin are found in young people that is the result of sexually transmitted diseases such as local infections, genital cancers, etc.

Are the swollen lymph nodes visible?

A normal lymph node is not visible, but as it enlarges it becomes visible in the certain area of the body. The area such as behind the ear, in your neck or groin you might see them as an enlarged bump. By slowly moving your hand around that area you can determine they are tender or not.

Lymph nodes and cancer

Lymph nodes and cancer

How do cancer cells travel through the bloodstream?

The cancer spreads from the initial point to other parts of the body. After breaking cancer cell away from a tumor, it can travel to the other parts of the body. In case they travel through the lymph system, it ends in lymph nodes.

In some cases, most of the escaped cancer cell dies or killed before they start going to another part of the body. But one of two might settle on a new place, begin to grow and form new tumors.

The flow of cancer cells through lymph nodes

Depending on the few cancer cells in the node your pathologist takes special tests to find them. He/she finds very few cancer cells in your lymph node, it may not change the treatment plan.

On the other hand, if there is a lot of cancer in the node, the large mass can be seen easily. More cancer in the nodes means the cancer is fast growing as well as fast spreading in the other places of your body.

If cancer has spread to nodes further away from initial cancer that needs extra treatment like chemo or radiation.

Effect of lymph noded on cancer stage

The treatment of cancer is based on the individual as well as the stage of cancer. The examination of cancer is done according to its stages. The most common staging system is the TNM system in which T stands for tumor, M for, metastasis and N for lymph nodes.

In the absence of cancer in lymph nodes, the N is assigned a value of 0. Whereas N is assigned as 1,2 or 3 depending on the nodes are affected. The lower TNM number is usually easier to treat and have a better outlook for survival.

Final verdict,

If you are facing swollen lymph nodes apply the warm wet compress to the affected area and take the adequate rest. The tablet-like aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen can also be taken to get the relief. Still, you are facing pain immediately call your doctor and share the history of events.

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