Sharp Pain in Throat: Sore Throat Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

The sharp pain in throat is due to infection like cold, flu and strep. It is hard to swallow food when you have severe throat pain. Throat pain is due to prevent causes of a sore throat that includes viruses, acid reflux or allergies.

A severe swallowing problem leads to weight loss and complications. The sore throats are caused due to infections, environmental factors such as dry air. Despite a sore throat makes you uncomfortable, but goes away on its own.

The pain in throat happens due to three main reasons which are sore throat, strep throat or tonsillitis. The sore throat is the initial sign of a cold. It will get fine in two days or may go after the first day. The cold symptoms like a runny nose and congestion may follow the sore throat.

A strep throat is an infection caused due to streptococcus bacteria. This is another cause of sore throats and tonsillitis. A strep throat is often severe and persists.  The tonsillitis is painful inflammation or infection of tonsils. These tissue masses are located at the back of the throat.

Sharp pain in throat symptoms

Sharp pain in throat symptoms

A patient suffers an attack as burning/jabbing pain like an electric shock for a few seconds or minutes. Scratchy sensation in throat can be picked by the following factors:

  1. Pain in swallowing or talking.
  2. Sore, swollen glands in your neck
  3. Red tonsils
  4. The tonsils contain pus or white patches.
  5. Muffled voice.

Causes of Sore Throat

sharp pain in throat

A sore throat range from infection of injuries here are the common causes of sore throat.

Cold, viral infection or flu

The common cold, the flu, measles, mumps, chicken-pox are the causes of sore throat.

Bacterial infection

Strep throat is an infection of the throat and tonsils caused due to A Streptococcus bacteria.


When the immune system reacts to allergy, it results in nasal congestion, watery eyes, throat irritation, and sneezing.

Dry air

Dry air sucks moisture from our mouth and throat and makes it scratchy. This happens in winter when the heater is running.

Any injury

The injury like the cut on the neck can cause pain in the throat. It makes difficult to eat food as it struck food from your throat.

Sore throat pictures

Sore throat pictures

Sore Throat symptoms
sore throat
Sharp Pain in Throat

Sore throat diagnosis

When you will visit a doctor, he will ask you the symptoms and by using a torch check the physical condition of your throat. If he finds the strep throat by checking the redness, swelling and white spots of your throat.

In case of strep throat, you will require to get a throat culture to diagnose it. The doctor will run a swab over the back and takes a sample to test the same. Using this rapid test, the doctor will give you results within minutes.

Sharp pain in throat when swallowing on one side

Sharp pain in throat when swallowing on one side

sharp pain in throat sore throatA sore throat is a common reason to visit a doctor. Most of the time, it is due to allergy, a cold or the flu. A sore throat on one side and it is the sign of different illnesses.

Swollen lymph nodes

Lymph nodes are the filters that help to identify and trap germs, virus, and bacteria. Sometimes the lymph nodes may swell or becomes sore. The lymph nodes closer to the throat are on either side of the neck.

They can cause a feeling of soreness and becomes swollen. The illness and infection lead to swollen lymph nodes. Sometimes only one node area becomes sore that results in a sore throat on one side.


Tonsillitis means inflammation of one or more tonsil. The tonsils are located on the back of the throat the virus or bacterium causes infection and inflammation. Just one tonsil gives pain on one side. It can cause a fever, noisy breathing, trouble in swallowing, etc. This tonsillitis usually resolves with antibiotic treatment.


Gastroesophageal reflux disease is caused due to stomach’s contents like stomach acid, throat, back up into the food pipe, etc. GERD may be worse when the sufferer lies down or at night. As the stomach acid backs up and the person lying on their side may lead to soreness on one side of the throat.

Symptoms of GERD

  1. Pain/burning in the middle of the chest.
  2. Dry cough
  3. Feeling of object/lump in the throat.
  4. Burning in the mouth

In the absence of proper treatment of GERD can damage the food pipe and throat. This is a treatable disease with the help of medicine and lifestyle changes.

Hand, foot and mouth disease

This is a viral illness that causes sores to form on hand, foot, and mouth. Sores develop in the back of the mouth, near the sides of the throat and one side of the throat will be affected. This issue occurs in children under 5 years of age, but it can spread to older children and adults as well.

The treatment of this disease needs rest, fluids and medicine for pain relief. This can cause dehydration in young children. Visit the doctor immediately if the sufferer is unable to drink.


It is one of the least causes of a sore throat, a tumor affects the throat and its surrounding areas. They may be the cause of cancer. A tumor can cause soreness on one side of your neck. It may be located in the back of the throat or tongue which is known as the voice box.

Symptoms of tumor

  • A lump in your neck
  • Noisy breathing
  • Blood in saliva
  • Regular cough
  • Weight loss
Sharp pain in throat Treatment

Sharp pain in throat(Sore throat) treatment

Mostly the throat will go after taking rest, warm liquid, salt water gargles and taking pain relievers. But a strep throat or other bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotics. Use of the antibiotics reduces the pain and lower the risk of rheumatic fever.

In the end, we can say the viral and bacterial infection results in irritation and injuries. You can get rid of the pain by using some home remedies given above. See a doctor when you see severe symptoms like trouble breathing or swallowing, stiff neck, etc.

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