No Motivation to Do Anything? 7 Pragmatic Ways to Beat Depression

No motivation to do anything is the situation when you see negative in everything. It happens due to depression and lack of motivation. You can easily overcome this situation by looking back to your past achievements which remind how you managed them and achieved goals.

Lack of motivation and depression make you a depressed person. Are you facing the symptoms like sadness, irritability, weight loss/gain and thoughts of self-harm? It means you are depressed. The stressful events of life make you feel depressed.

Life has become stressful so depression becomes a common problem in human these days. Data shows that around 10 to 15 percent of the general population experience clinical depression in their lifetime. Whereas the data of WHO found 5 percent in men and 9 percent in women every year.

Depression is a serious medical illness that adversely affects your body, feelings, and actions. The thoughts and behavior of the depressed person show the stress of his/her life. There are various indicators through which you feel it.

no motivation to do anything causes

What causes no motivation to do anything?

no motivation to do anything

Are you feeling down and lost the motivation at all? Why do you think so?

This is a serious mental illness which is caused due to changes in brain chemistry. There are several factors responsible for depression like genetics, changes in hormone, stress, grief, etc.

Unable to forget the stressful life events

Stress in life is the major cause of depression. It rules your mind after personal incidents. There are many life events which can cause stress like the death of a loved one, divorce, loss of job etc. It directly redirects one towards no motivation to do anything.

Not taking healthy diet or consuming more junk food

A healthy diet is important for a sound mind and body. Lack of vitamins and minerals can cause depression. The diets low in omega -3 fatty acids or an improper ratio of omega-6 to omega -3 results into increased rates of depression. Consuming a high sugary diet can be a cause for depression.

Consumption of drugs and alcohol

Consuming drugs and alcohol results in depressive disorder. Some prescription drugs are linked to depression, like anticonvulsants, corticosteroids, statins, anticonvulsants, etc. If you are taking medicines and feeling the symptoms of depression you need to speak to your doctor.

Comes from genetics

Depression is a common issue among the people whose blood relatives are facing this condition. The research showed that genes and depression are interlined. The study shows that the people whose parents or sibling face depression are thrice more likely to face this condition as compared to others.

Women are more likely depressed as compared to men

Depression comes due to social causes like marital or relationship problems. A woman is more likely to develop depression as compared to men. According to the National Institute of Health here are the risk factors of depression in women.

  • Jobless, divorce, relationship problems, etc
  • Mood swings.
  • Effects of medicines.
  • Death of a parent before at a younger age.
Effects of depression

Effects of depression

You might have no motivation to do anything during your entire day because of depression. Here are the effects of depression and which is why you shouldn’t think the same.

Increases the chances of physical illness

A sound mind lives in a healthy body. The higher stress level of your body increases the cortisol. Which directly affects our immune system and our body is unable to fight against infection. Not only this it can affect your heart and increases the risk of substance abuse as well.

Makes you forgetful

A depressed person forgets the little things easily. Because the depression shrinks or weakens the brain associated with memory and learning. The situation becomes worse with the people who have responsibilities as they might forget the important things.

Risk of lower backache

The depression affects your physical health and may be the cause of lower back pain. Around 42% of people with chronic lower back pain experienced depression before the pain started.

Makes you a chain smoker

The attack of depression makes you a heavy smoker. It can consume more than a pack of cigarettes in a day which is injuries to health.

Reduces your ability to work

Depression lowers your ability to work and your performance deteriorates. It makes hard to finish the class assignments because depression reduces the ability to concentrate, remember things, etc.

Feeling hopeless and reckless behavior

Feeling hopeless, lack of positivity, angry or bad about yourself is less likely to take care of yourself. All these affect your physical and mental health as well. I wish I was dead can be another thought of your mind in this situation.

ways to beat depression

7 ways to beat depression

no motivation to do anything

Depression is the feeling of unhappiness in everything. There are several reasons responsible for it like being rejected from a job.

Assume this is a situation in which you are in a black tunnel with no light. Don’t worry about a thing as you can overcome this situation by using the following tips.

Here are the ways to get rid of no motivation to do anything.

1. Listen to your favorite music

how to get rid of depression

Music is magic and fuels your body with positive thoughts. A single beat of the music can change your mind, atmosphere instantly and make your thoughts positive. A cheerful mood alters brain chemistry and improves your mood.

2. Don’t over think

depression negative thoughts

The thoughts become enemy when you are undergoing depression. To overcome this situation keep your mind busy. For this, you can join a hobby class, walk, busy yourself in reading a book or finish a puzzle. Doing so your mind will stay away from fears and worries.

3. Get proper sleep

ways to beat depression

A good night’s sleep can make you happy. Improper sleep can cause stress, whereas healthy sleep enhances well-being. Proper sleep is required as it affects the quality of your working life, mental sharpness, positivity and even manages your weight. Make sure you sleep between 7.5 and 9 hours.

4. Avoid negative thoughts

depression effects

Undergoing depression negative feelings attack your mind and makes harder to balance what’s going on. To avoid the negativity by making a daily routine it’s a great way to stay away from your thoughts.  Stay cool and remind yourself that change is the rule of nature. Look after yourself and be patient.

5. Connect with your friends

no motivation to do anything

Make a social circle go out and meet your friends, it will cheer your mood. This can be a hard hard thing initially but slowly it will give you great results. Friends are something special whom we can share our secrets and problems which we can’t with our parents.

6. Take care of your body

no motivation to do anything

Avoid negative people, eat healthy food, avoid junk food, take a good sleep and stay in a positive atmosphere. These things help to overcome the depressive situation. At last, a healthy body is an inception of great ideas and that keeps you busy.

7. Medications

depression medication

Scientists have found many medicines to treat depression. Antidepressants start to relieve the symptoms of depression in a small amount of time. Consult with your doctor for the treatment if the symptoms of depression are severe.

Final verdict,

If depression has hunted you, proper treatment is required to overcome it. Around 80% of people started feeling better by taking the treatment of depression. It is quite treatable however, you suffer through an episode.

Undergoing an appropriate treatment, you can shorten the length and severity of depression’s episode. The above suggestions are effective and don’t have any side effects. If you are unable to get rid of depression, you need to talk to the doctor that will guide you in the right manner.

Timely and proper treatment should always be a goal for depression!

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