What are Liver Lesions? Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

The abnormal cells that are grouped together in the human liver are generally termed as ‘Liver Lesions’. The medical professionals tend to represent the liver lesions condition as mass or tumor. The liver lesions or liver cancer cannot be detected at the earlier stage with signs and symptoms but in some cases, it can be found early.

Medical experts report that the presence of liver lesions are identified more while diagnosing for other medical conditions. If you go for a checkup with a professional doctor s/he observes the symptoms at first and conducts the respective diagnosis test to confirm the liver lesion.

Have your doctor confirmed liver lesion for you? Don’t worry! Liver lesions are common and it won’t spread to other parts of the body and cause any health concerns. You need to be aware of the liver lesions that ends in liver damage or cancer.

liver cancer

Liver cancer

Liver cancer is also known as heptic cancer that occurs due to the growth of abnormal tissues on the liver which is present in the upper right portion of the abdomen and above the stomach.

The liver is one of the crucial parts of the human body which performs a wide range of functions like filtering the blood and removing toxins from the body. It is responsible for converting the nutrients obtained from the food or water on the digestive tract into chemicals.

Since all the blood passes through the liver there are more chances for the transformation of cancer cells in the blood. There are different types of liver cancer in which hepatocellular and carcinoma are the most common ones.

liver lesions

Do liver lesions always cause cancer?

liver lesion

No! Liver lesions are non-cancerous which don’t get spread to other parts of the body and there will be no symptoms of cancer. However, the liver lesions may cause cancer for some patients and it is completely based on their health condition. Here are some of the symptoms of liver lesions:

  • Sudden weight loss
  • Yellow skin or eyes
  • Fever
  • Feeling weak or tired
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Bloating, swelling or pain in the stomach
liver lesions

Liver lesions causes

In fact, there are no exact causes of liver cancer but they can be related to the scarring of the liver known as cirrhosis. The main risk factors that may cause liver cancer are

Family history

If an individual’s father, mother, sister or brother had liver cancer then there are more chances to get live cancer for him/her.

Low immune power

A person who has less immune power can get affected by liver cancer five times greater than the healthy ones.

High alcohol consumption

The excess amount of alcohol consumption result is the major causes of liver cancer.


People with diabetes especially the type 2 diabetes medical condition would develop liver cancer.


It is one of the common aspects for causing all types of cancer including liver cancer.

High infection

Hepatitis B and C are the severe infections that may lead to liver failure as it results in cirrhosis.

liver lesions

Liver cancer diagnosis

When doctor think that you might have liver lesions, he/she recommends conducting several tests while observing the symptoms. First of all, the doctor examines the patient’s body to check the condition of the liver and they commonly make use of the ultrasound techniques to find out the liver lesion.

In addition to this, your doctor undergoes jaundice and ascites checkup to identify the respective abnormal condition.

Blood test (Alpha-Fetoprotein)

There are a plethora of blood tests available to check the liver cancer among them Alpha-fetoprotein is given more preference as it shows the high level of protein that causes liver cancer.

Complete blood count (CBC)

When your blood sample is taken for blood test lab, technicians measure the complete blood count as per the doctor’s requirements.

It includes the count of Red Blood Cells (RBC carries oxygen throughout the body), White Blood Cells (WBC protects from infection) and platelets (supports blood clotting). On the other hand, CBC also showcases the functioning of the bone marrow where the blood cells are generated.

Imaging test

A liver imaging test is conducted to know the condition of the liver once it is damaged due to hepatitis or cirrhosis while before planning the treatment.

Blood clot test

Generally, the liver produces the protein which is responsible for clotting the blood during bleeding. If the liver is damaged it could not stop bleeding such that doctors can identify the presence of a liver lesion.

CT/MRI scan

The main purpose of a CT or MRI scan is to have a clear look inside your body. Your physicians will inject medicine on your body to get a clear picture of your body.

Biopsy for liver lesions

A biopsy is the direct diagnosis technique adopted to check the sample of your liver lesion tissue. Usually, the biopsy diagnosis test is conducted in the laboratory with the help of a microscope to observe the condition of the liver.

Is it possible to cure liver cancer?

It is difficult to cure the liver lesion as it can be detected only at the later stage and it might be spread already. Depending on the condition of patient’s liver doctors will do the following

Angiography: It gives hands to the doctors while planning the operation for removing the liver lesion. During this test, a dye is injected to the arterial blood vessels to view them in a clear-cut manner.

Bone Scan: As the name implies bone scan is performed to see whether cancer is spread to bones or not. This test is not conducted to all the liver cancer patients but one who has pain on bones or undergone liver transplant.

liver lesions

Liver lesions treatment

Surgical method

Your physician will recommend for surgical technique when your liver condition is good. Through the liver surgery, the surgeons remove the tumor formed on the liver and tissues on the surrounding areas.

This surgical treatment is mainly carried out by the hepatobiliary surgeon specialist and this method is not suitable for the patients with damaged liver or large tumor.

Liver transplant

Liver transplant is one of the perfect ideas to treat the liver lesion for the patients who are in the earlier stage. It acts as a good choice for the patients with the tumor that are very close to the large blood vessel.

During the liver transplant, the surgeons replace the damaged liver with a healthier one that is donated by others. Additional treatments like embolization or ablation are conducted to keep cancer under control.


In order to destroy cancer, the doctors take advantage of the percutaneous ethanol injection and inject it directly on the liver. It is simpler and effective treatments for liver cancer when compared to others.


Chemotherapy is the process of blocking the flow of blood through the artery while injecting certain drugs into the hepatic artery. The main concept of chemotherapy is that the production of cancer cells gets stopped when blood flow is blocked.


In this liver cancer treatment, the doctors make use of the radioactive beads through the artery that supplies blood to the tumor. The passed beads provide radiation to the tumor when they are found in the small blood vessels thus eliminating the risks.

Medical experts suggest the liver lesions affected patients to do regular exercise, maintain normal weight and get rid of alcohol habits for eliminating the cancerous liver lesion. On the other hand, you should be aware of the Hepatitis B vaccination, avoid sharing of needles while injecting and using condoms while having intercourse.

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