I Wish I Was Dead: Symptoms of Depression, Anxiety & Guide to Beat

I wish I was dead.”- it involves passively wishing you were dead. People utter it without any meaning. But when you are under depression this thought becomes a fact.

Depression is a common and serious mental illness which negatively affects your feelings. Technically depression is a mental disorder which not only affects your mind but your physical health too.

The inception of thinking “I wish I was dead” arises due to the mental health disorders, major depression, and bipolar disorder. Depression ion is the inability to construct a future.

Depression and anxiety behind I wish I was Dead

Generally, depression and anxiety are assumed as same, but people with anxiety also develop depression and vice versa. Almost 50% of people diagnosed with depression also be diagnosed with anxiety. But it is vital to understand the accurate diagnosis in order to get the right treatment.

Through this article, I am going to mention the symptoms of depression and anxiety in details. I hope it will help you to understand both the cases.

Symptoms of depression

I wish I was dead

Having trouble sleeping

Depressed people often lie awake at night or unable to sleep at night. On the other hand, some people find it difficult to get out of bed and may sleep for long periods during the day.

Lower interest in activities

Hobbies are for leisure, but the people under depression tend to avoid them. Suppose a person who loves to spend time with their grandchildren suddenly they don’t want to see them.

Negative energy

The depressed person makes a decision to do something drastic, like killing themselves. They can feel like lazy or more energetic. That’s why they feel a sense of relief when they come to a resolution.

Change in appetite

The people start overeating or stop eating as they are not concerned with their physical well-being. A depressed person also doesn’t take care of his/her hygiene.

Unexplained body pains

The increase is physical complaints like headaches, aching muscles, stomach pain and back pain, etc. A sufferer might feel restless, fatigued, sluggish and physically drained many times.

Reckless behavior

The depressed person starts substance abuse, reckless driving, dangerous sports, etc. He/she may feel difficulty in decision making or remembering things.

Symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety is a normal response to a stressful life event like moving, changing jobs, financial crisis, etc.

Excess worries

The worry is associated with an anxiety disorder that occurs for at least six months and difficult to control. The worry is severe and intrusive that makes difficult to concentrate and accomplish daily tasks.


This is one of the common symptoms of anxiety, especially in children and teenagers. When you become restless you feel an uncomfortable urge to move. Anyone facing restlessness for more than six months it is the sign of restlessness.


Anxiety is commonly associated with hyperactivity. Fatigue depends on person to person some can follow anxiety attack or while others the fatigue can be chronic.

Concentrate difficulty

As per the study, 157 children and teens found that more than two-thirds face difficulty concentrating. Anxiety interrupts working memory, which is responsible for holding short-term information.

Trouble in staying asleep

Sleep disturbance like walking in the middle of the night and having trouble falling asleep. Insomnia and anxiety are strongly linked, it is unclear whether insomnia contributes to anxiety or vice versa.

Panic attacks

It is an extreme fear which is typically accompanied by a rapid heartbeat, shaking, shortness of breath, fear of dying, nausea, etc. An anxiety disorder may be responsible for panic attacks.

10 Utilitarian Ways to Cope With I wish I was Dead

i wish i was dead

There exist many causes of suicide which lead to this terrible thought I wish I was dead. And, it is a common issue these days. How to overcome such thought? Are you fighting with such thoughts? We are sure if you use the below-mentioned tips, you will see the positive results soon.

1. Encourage social connection

A depressed child tends to withdraw from their friends and activities which they used to enjoy. You need to help him/her to reconnect the same.

2. Focus on your child

Set aside daily to talk when you can focus on your teen without any distraction to try multi-task. A face to face interaction plays a great role in reducing the depression of your child. Keep in mind the depression will not make things worse, but your support can make the difference.

3. Encourage their interests

Suggest activities like sports, an art class, a dance or music class can encourage your child to show their interest and talent. It will help them to regain their enthusiasm.

4. Promote Volunteerism

Help your little one to find a reason they are interested in and that gives them a sense of purpose. Being a parent if you volunteer them it will increase your bonding experience.

5. A regular exercise

Keep your child moving, plan at least an hour activity daily. Think outside the box dancing, shooting, riding bikes is beneficial for its physical as well as mental health.

6. Provide a balanced diet

Make sure your little one is getting the optimum food for their brain health. The foods like healthy fats, fresh produce and quality protein help with mood support. Eating sugary and starchy food results in depressed mind.

7. Encourage good sleep

A teen needs more sleep as compared to an adult. For the optimal function of the body and mind, your child needs to sleep 9-10 hours per night. Make sure that your child is not staying up until all hours at the cost of much-needed mood supporting rest.

8. Help them to solve their problems

Write the problem at the top of the page and ask your child to think about its solutions. You also add some new ideas to the end. In this way, they feel they have worries and try to find the solution one by one.

9. Depression treatment

A depressed teenager goes through treatment you must be there to listen and offer the support. So that your teenager needs to know that they are valued.

10. Be patient

Last but foremost, patience is the key to success! As a parent, you also need to take care of children to share their problems.

None of the above method going to affect in a single day. But the cumulative effect of them will make you feel better. It is up to you and only you to create the future you want. Remember no matter what the situation is someone might be facing a situation worse than you and they have overcome their obstacles.

47 thoughts on “I Wish I Was Dead: Symptoms of Depression, Anxiety & Guide to Beat”

  1. Blah blah blah “life is worth living” gimme a break some peoples lives are so bleak and not worth living! Imagine no matter what you do you still dont have any friends or anyone else in your life to support you. Im 35 never been on a second date and have no chance of a significant other. Who gives a shit if i have a good job and pay my bills on time, none of this matters without a mate. So all of you folks telling us its not worth it to end it maybe you should realize some people have something to live for and some people dont. Quit lecturing folks that dont want to be here anymore

    • Hi Blake,
      Even people with so much to live for can feel miserable and worthless. What makes it worse is that you know all these people depend on you and love you and all you can do is pretend you don’t want to die, while all the while you feel you’re poisoning their lives subconsciously with your own internal misery.
      I’m assuming one solution is to learn to be your own best friend, which is very easy to say but certainly takes time and self love to achieve.
      I don’t ever underestimate the pain and suffering others go through, eventhough they are trying very very hard to be “normal” and have some internal peace.

      I hope you find what you are looking for.

      (Medical HealthCare – thank you for the article)

    • Blake, fuck life fuck everything.I just don’t understand how u could be such a good person and still have nothing but bad come into your life.At this point i really really really wish I wasn’t here.Nobody is depending on me I have no one to live for or anything…yea sure i hv family but they all hv someone… Everyone in my family has their own family…ppl that actually loves them..me i hv nothin no one.its just me..like….idk..i hate life 27, and feel like shyt…half the reason i feel this way is cause the only person who i really connected with and told everything ws my big cousin who passed away in 2017 to an herion overdose.(had to pause😢)….ummm..yea so like…. without bro I just been like idk depressed a little…so when something bad happens to me n life like me and a girl not talkin or ect. My brain takes it to the extreme..dwells on things to much then at the end resort back to my cousin….I be like”You know Q was a real good person helped any and everybody, and God still cutt his life short a GOOD PERSON…” So then that’s when I start to lose hope in everything in life…life sucks…Like i had friends but for example i can call a couple of em now and they’ll be totally honest and say”just chillin with my girl or just chillin with the lil one..” & it’s like I don’t want with they have but i also dnt want this life where it’s just me literally… but a side note to “Blake” with all that said at 27 I realized that things pop up in your life u couldn’t even imagine if someone told u right now…for example..a friend showed me this girl on ig… beautiful like extremely gorgeous…if someone would have told me years frm then I’ll be taking her out and like kissing this girl I would have said ur out of ur fudging mind..lol.It happened and I still don’t really know how it fell into place.lol. Mural is even tho life is bs be ready for the GOOD unexpected cause it really could happen..shyt that you wouldn’t believe!

      • Hey. I’m like you described blake. I’m a good person but so much bad in my life. I think it’s because by the time I figured out they are bad, it was too late.
        My son is like me.

        My son brycevandergrift is deteriorating in prison.
        I think we care too much. We’re both dying inside.

    • Blake – I came across this site today and saw your message posted 7 months ago. Are you ok? Have things improved for you? Your post concerned me. I too am suffering from depression, a horrible hidden illness. There are people out here to contact. In fact a whole world thanks to the internet. I hope you are ok. Colettea

    • i feel you girl, i dont have a horrible life. I can get women if i try, i just dont feel like trying. Im bored with everything. Its like im grateful to be a white man in the united states, i know it has its advantages. Im not starving, i have all my limbs, and i think i have a few people that care about me. Its just i dont see the point of living to be 80 or 90 , i mean either way we are going to die. Im 38, ive seen enough, ive done enough, i dont want to do anything else. Im ready to go. It seems stupid to struggle to survive doing things you hate when you just die anyway, fuck it kill me now idk…. im only here because im too chicken to kill myself.

      • Ashley, it won’t get better without changing your lifestyle..
        Consider moving country, partner, job, whatever helps you find happiness.
        It’s difficult to pick up and leave but I could never With Conscience live a life of misery….
        I wish you all the best

    • I’m with ya buddy…I’m 41 and single. The way society is currently, I don’t even know if I could maintain a “relationship”. There’s so much bullshit that comes with it…and people are such prikks(gossip, backstabbing, 2-faced). I’ve been almost trained over the years to not trust others. It sounds pretty negative I’m aware. I’m also an addict, which doesn’t help I know…I’m just not interested in being part of society the way it appears to me. Any significant other that I’ve had, the feeling was never mutual. Either she was interested & I wasn’t or vice versa. I just don’t have the ambition to search any longer. Probably just remain alone…it’s just easier. Give a shout back if you want dude, I’m not a fruit or anything. Peeece

  2. Blake, I wish I was dead too. since I was a child, I felt worthless, I still do now, despite having a relatively successful business, my parents are wealthy and only care about their money, and have been self absorbed. As long as their kids were still breathing when they reached 21 years old, they figure they did their job, and were good parents.
    I never learned how to love, I never sat on my mother’s lap, or had her read me a book, or come to a school play, I hate being hugged or touched.
    My son killed himself a couple of years ago. I feel guilty, he inherited depression from me. My husband lost an infant to SIDS from a previous marriage many years ago and will not give me any slack or empathy, he says’ “your son is dead, he isn’t coming back, get over it.”
    knowing other people have equal or worse problems does not lessen our own feelings. Blake, I think I kinda know how you feel, and am sorry. Sorry for everyone who struggles and suffers.
    I do not have a plan for suicide, but think about it daily and know that eventually taking my own life will be the way I go, it wont be old age, that’s for sure.

    • (((hugs)))

      I agree with you. Other’s problems don’t minimize mine. I just start feeling sad for them too.

      I do of people who when they learn about other’s demise, they do feel better. It never worked for me.

      I’m sorry to hear your pain. I’m sorry to bear my pain.

    • I wish I was dead almost everyday of my life and I am 55 now. Obviously I won’t kill myself. But I wish and pray for death. I don’t like it here. Everyone is so judgemental and it hurts. People lie about me and they don’t even know me. Even my sister and my mom talk about me not to me My family and coworkers are mean to me out of fear They make fear based decisions. They are so stupid about politics we might end up communist. Most people are doing evil and justifying it. I cannot live with the lies and games and the bad people calling the shots. I don’t know why I have to live here. It is hard for people who truly follow the bible and God says don’t judge but everyone does. I wish I was dead.

      • My wife left me to be with and old friend of mine that we had things in commen at the time but grew apart because of maturity. My wife lied about it I was suspicious because of all the clues it just didn’t feel right. Then I found her car at the friends that I thought she was having an affair with. His Mom confirmed that they are a thing. They are camping in a cabin in the Mountains during all this virus stuff. I confronted her and she sarcastically said thanks for checking up on me. The only concern she has is me telling others what happened excpially family. She threatened if I do we wont even have any type if communication. Her affair has been going on for at least 6 months we were distance living apart because inside I knew something was going on. She was still asking for money she even accepting a anniversary present and really enjoyed what I got here it didnt seem suspicious at all. She really cought me off guard she lie to me she broke all trust. I hate my life and want to die but I have children and grandchildren. She has even been neglecting them not responding and be very short. Some days I deal with all those horrible feelings but today I just want to die

  3. I found this site because I’m down in the dumpers myself. I had cancer, had all my female parts taken away and now I have to face the possibility of cancer again. I don’t feel well. I suffer from debilitating headaches and hot flashes from HELL because they took my ovaries out.
    My mother died about 5 months ago. I wish god had taken me instead. This whole life sucks.

  4. I find myself going over my suicide note all the time, or going over the funeral (I know it’s strange, but I find some odd comfort in hoping that a lot of people would attend my funeral…) I haven’t fantasized about the method of killing myself (which I suppose is its own small victory), but I always find myself whispering or thinking that I wished I were dead.

    I just find myself wandering aimlessly through life. I’m trying really hard to choose the right path, but even when I’m on it I find that anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and loneliness are never far behind. And that somehow makes it all worse. That no matter what I do, it will never be enough. I’ll always be alone, I’ll always hate myself. I’ll always be searching for that meaning or purpose, but never find it.

    All I want to do is sleep, because it hurts less when I’m asleep. And part of me just doesn’t want to wake up.

    I’m sorry. I’m just fighting myself all the time, and I’m just getting tired. I want to believe that I have potential, that I have a future, that I can be loved and love in return. But more and more I’m starting to believe that it’s just not possible. That it’s easier just to fall asleep now. That maybe I’m just not meant to be here.

    Thanks for writing this article. Thanks for being a small light in the darkness. Thanks for letting me cry out when all I want to do is hide away and be left alone (which is its own whirlpool of despair). Thanks for being light and love when so many of us are consumed with darkness and pain.

    Sincerely yours,
    A friend.

      • the dark keeps following and never gives up i feel like I’m running but not going on where just stuck to the spot i kill my self when my mum’s gone even no she don’t like me. got bullied all my life even as am adult mentally my mind is never stops just want it all to stop my arm died 22 years ago it destroyed my mum and i can’t put her thought that again then my son got taken ten years ago it’s like good thing get dangled in front of me and just as I think maybe life worth living my Hart get torn from me again and again i was born dead with the cord around my neck and they brought of back y can they have just left me dead ps sorry he none of this makes sence I’m or so dyslexic sorry

  5. my parents are too shitty and dont realize my depression.
    they hurt my fucking feelings without thinking and i cant even stand a school day without others kicking me off.

  6. @Blake Amen to that. I’m in total agreement. Most people are just afraid to die because of that bullcrap of if you commit suicide you will go to hell. IMO there is no such thing as hell. Even if there is some people are already living in hell. Regardless. People like me who are going thru the death of a loved one. My mom passed away almost two months ago and l am living proof of feeling that life isn’t worth living. I won’t even bother with speaking with a therapist due to the only thing she will ask me is if i’m suicidal. Every night l go to sleep l pray that l never wake up. I’m depressed, sad and even angry. Angry at God for taking my mom & my mom for leaving me when l need her more now than ever. l myself is suicidal figuring out which way to go. Pills don’t work unless maybe along with hard liquor. Hanging. I’m not about to go out in front of a 18 wheeler because that won’t work. Just end up being paralyzed. A gun is a perfect way to go but I’m having a hard time getting one. I totally feel now that my mom is gone that life isn’t worth living for. She was my rock. l realize no one will love you unconditionally and have your back 100% like your mom will. Where i’m at now is on a constant wonder being angry and frustrated at God wondering why don’t he just let me fucking die! I’m at the point to where if he won’t take my life l surely will. Life is about choices isn’t it? Well it’s my life and my choice to end it.

    • James, your letter is very painful to read. I can only imagine how you feel. I’m dying of a broken heart for my son bryce. I read your letter and think… If I die like I want to be dead… He’s going to be like you and in your pain. I’m sc.rew.ed either way. 💔

  7. There is no one that really cares, they say they do cause that is the right thing to say, but the one time I built up the courage to contact a depression help group (www.sadag. org) the VERY first thing they asked was who was my medical aid with, I know they need to make money to survive but really, that is their first concern, how about assisting with the problem and then asking for those details.
    Yes I have medical aid but if that is what the organisations are primarily interested in then they do not have your best interest at heart.

  8. I simply hate everything about my life its currently 4:30 am and I cant sleep I have work at 8 am I hate my workplace… i sleep alone every night because my boyfriend of 7 yrs is in the coach sleeping g or doing work… we aren’t affectionate anymore at least I think we were at some point in our relationship.. we definitely dont share any emotional connection anymore we dont even have sex…. I’m unable to support my parents financially as I dont make enough money to do so… and I have to live each day knowing my mum doesnt have anything to eat… I’m in a decent job that pays enough but my financial obligations are just too much and no my bf doesnt help me out .. since I was a child I’ve always wondered why my mother brought me in this world I just dont have the courage to kill my self yet although I’m working on it… soon I’ll end it for good.

  9. The same thing also happens to me. They always blame and mad at me. I feel like I should have not born into this world. Now I cant even see the slightest hope in this world, but i am still hoping things gonna be better. Every night, I cry on the bed.

    I really hope all of us could be back to our old wonderful life.

    (sorry for bad english)

  10. I wish I knew what it was like to be truly happy in my life. I do have moments of happiness but they are short-lived. I don’t remember when I first started feeling depressed or anxious… I’m sure it must have been when I was 3 or 4 although I wasn’t officially diagnosed til I was 13. I have often wanted to end my life. I think about it frequently. But too scared to actually carry it out because I’m afraid of failing at it and ending up still alive but in a worse state. I am usually hopeful things will change and get better… and some opportunity will come up and I’ll get really excited and full of hope and then of course it doesn’t work out for me (why would it?) and my world just feels like it’s all crashing around me and then I just want to die. I’m 42 in just over a week, and life has not really improved that much. I have more confidence now than I did in my 20s (most of the time) and I know guys do find me attractive but I want someone who understands me and someone I have a connection with but I haven’t found that and probably never will. I’m not even sure I really have ever been in love. I thought I was last year which caught me off guard, but it turned out he was just a narcissist and was only using me. I am better off alone, but I’m super tired of always being in a dead end job and always so broke. I’ll never be good enough to make anything of myself. If I’m not meant to do the things I’m passionate about then why am I even here? My life is shit. I know “other people have it worse”… well they can have my life then, cause I don’t want it.

    • Cheryl – I know how you feel. My brother took his own life and I want to take mine but I can’t because it would devastate my elderly parents and I just can’t do it to them….yet. Also I am stuck, I have debts (that nobody knows about) and a very poorly dog who is relying on me. I do have a man in my life…same one since my teens…now in my 40’s. He is horribly selfish and I am dependent on him and he knows it. I have never amounted to anything and now it is too late to do so I feel. I am fed up with life. No matter what I have tried to do to get on I have failed. If I don’t like me how can anyone else. Life sucks for most of us I now know. I just hope and pray that reincarnation is untrue as I really do not want to come back.

  11. My friend killed herself this year. Another kid in my school died this week. My other friend changed and I feel alone. It takes me forever to fall asleep and forever to wake up. Most nights, I just hope I don’t wake up. It’s been weeks since my last therapy appointment, and it’s showing. I went 38 days without cutting, but that’s out the window now. I have to hide everything from everyone. No one understands. People say they do because “they had depression for a few months”. As if they can understand. This has been years. And my best friend hung herself. My relationship with my family is draining and half the time, I doubt they’d miss me. Everyone says I have a great life and I shouldn’t have depression. Why didn’t I think of that? Some people say I must have done something to deserve this. Who even knows at this point. People are going to lie and leave and I might as well lie and leave too. Promises don’t mean anything to anyone, so all my promises can be empty.
    I know this site is meant to help. It’s meant to give me ways to cope. But I can’t cope right now. I can only sit here, wishing I just didn’t exist. I’m too weak to actually kill myself, but I wish I could. I’ve thought about it, and I don’t even know how I’d do it. I guess that’s a good thing, in a way. I don’t have anyone to talk to anymore. I don’t have anyone to tell when I’m spiraling. I only have people to disappoint that I cut again. All I am is a disappointment to people. They don’t actually care about me.
    In the words of an anonymous person who texted me, I “just look like a trans dude” who “stinks and desperately needs a shower”. People don’t like me, high school is the suckiest time in my life, and I don’t have a reason anymore.
    I guess I can’t do it myself, I’m way too scared. But I don’t think I’d mind if I got hit by a truck. I don’t know. My family’s big into that “religion” stuff; if I die, they’ll just tell everyone I’m happy in Heaven and celebrating my life with God. I don’t have a way to tell them that I’m probably gonna end up in Hell, if I go anywhere at all. I don’t even care anymore, I just want it to stop.

  12. It does suck. I go over and over my life and when “it” happened – at what point did my worthlessness happen? Why was I born? It’s awful to live this way – I’m ignored, abused and not treated as a regular family member. I changed jobs recently – that is an ok thing – but very overwhelming. I feel the world is better without me.

  13. I have said “I wish I was dead” so many times… and I still feel that way. I thought about shooting myself in the head – I think that is the easiest way. I also think about driving off a bridge or smashing into the back of a car on the freeway. Then it would all just be over, but I feel like I can’t ever commit suicide because I have a son and a “husband”. If I kill myself, what will happen to my son? He doesnt deserve that kind of suffering mentally or environmentally.
    My “husband”, though I love him, will never actually marry me and after being together for 4 years all the “romance”, all the effort he used to put in to show me he loved me, is gone. The only reason I exist anymore is to clean up after my boys, pay bills – to house and feed the boys – or pretend to act happy so the boys can feel happy.
    I can’t find a job that makes me happy. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Education, applied for 25 jobs, and didnt even get an interview. So, I spent the last 3 years working at a tutoring center that went out of business and a call center. Working at the call center only amplified my feelings of killing myself… so I quit. Where am I now?
    Ready to apply at McDonald’s because my degree means shit in the real world (just as it did when I first graduated) and I am required to pay bill’s- so the boys have food and happiness and shelter.
    Constant pain and worry…and when I do get some minimum wage job nothing will change. I’ll still just be the maid, the slave, the useless bag of blood and snot I am right now.

  14. idk what to do or say anymore. i dont wanna be here. shut the fuck up with all that fake care abd love bullshit cause i already k ow its fake. i dearly hope something kills me soon cause i cant find the courage to do it myself but at the same time im so close to jus taking all these pills and saying fuck it but i dont wanna feel the pain i jus want to die immediately and be done with it. I hate everything especially myself and i know shit is never gonna get better. my whole family thinks im a failure and theyre right. All i ever do is disappoint everyone and me being gone might not make much of a difference on the world but being here is definitely not making a difference either. I have no purpose in life anymore im tempted to just get a cop to fucking shoot me somehow or something idk what to do anymore. my life jus keeps getting worse and worse and i feel like maybe i deserve it but at the same time i dont even know what i did to desrve to have such a shitty father and family. why did i have to be molested? why was i born into such a hateful unsupportive dysfunctional family? Why does it seem likeni was just meant to fail from the start? Why does everything i do to make it better jus end up amounting to nothing? I dont know i dont care anymore. One of these days death will find its way to me and itll all be done with. Hopefully itll be soon

  15. I’m 49 and basically have been dealing with mental illness all of my f’en pathetic existence of a life.
    Yeah. I’m a little negative.
    I was a positive person for awhile and held a good job, had a husband a house and a life. Then it all went to crap.
    My family doesn’t understand and I don’t believe they take time in their lives to even try. I can’t get five minutes on the phone with them. Just five f-en minute phone call from mom or sister would brighten my depressive suicidal day. I’m too EXTRA for those people. Sometimes I know I’d be better off dead. I know they would be a bit sad at first , but then they’d say…. ohhh she’s with the angels and she’s not in pain anymore….
    Geez! Talk to me now when I’m in pain to help me!!
    Most moments in the hours of every day I feel worthless, fragile, small, significantly like a freak in this world. My anxiety is off the charts and panic is totally sky high.
    Doctors had me on benzodiazepines for over ten years and I’m withdrawing from that….. so much damage has been done and I’m supposed to just shrug that off as well.
    I can’t sleep or function properly and feel nauseated, in chronic pain and despair day and night.
    I know I will die most likely by my own free will. It’s just a matter of when, where and how.

  16. no reason to live anymore , im always thinking to overdose on drugs since its can lead to death and other way is drive dangerously . at least its not humiliate right ? but my religion forbid me to suicide because of ‘who are you to take a life that’s not yours , god created us and god have the right to take it back . we as a servant hv no right in taking our own life . everything that happen have the good things behind it’ but seriously , i can’t stand to live , to be me . theres no reason for me to live anyway , i’ve cause people a lot of trouble , i waste my parents money by sending me to boarding school and give me money almost every week , i waste their money , time and energy because of im sick and always have to get treatment every 2 weeks , and my house to my school and the hospital is very very very far . shit , i ruined myself , im a completely useless , im a dumb , im an idiot , im selfish and i shouldn’t live anymore . i’ve just live for 15 years and im already be a super troublesome to many people . i wish im better than this . i wish i was dead .

  17. Hey guys I just want to point out that we are the only ones who can understand how bad it gets. I’ve wanted to die every day since I was 8. It’s like an autoimmune disorder and there’s no cure.
    I find some strength in knowing that there are so many thousands of us going through the same cycle day after day, and that some of them are older and are holding hope for the rest of us. We can all share each other’s burden just by remembering how many of us there are, and that can make our own feel a little lighter and a little less lonely. Even though it always comes back, It is possible for it to get little bit more tolerable- even to the point of being able to ignore it sometimes for extended periods. I promise.

  18. Often feel the struggle to be positive and escape your own demons is futile. Once my mother is dead there’s no close relatives left. I have a sexless relationship, the shit that bothered me 30 years ago still bothers me. To coin a song lyric ‘I’ve been waiting for tomorrow all of my life’

  19. I wish was dead because on November 24, 2010 i was hit by a car in the crosswalk , now i can,t never work or support myself and have too deal with a slum landlord that don,t want to fix my heat in my apartment during the winter time and unless i call section 8 inspectors to fix the problem , this is the reason i want to die , stop eating too. please please god take me .

    • Anne I share your pain,although its impossible to know exactly how your feeling, I can only empathise.You wrote your note almost a year ago,so I hope your still here to talk to me, my name i9s Tony married and my wife has physical as well as mental issues , and i5ts very hard to be with her,very stressfull, and frustrating, and at times I feel like I want not to be here. For some reason Im assuming your living in the UK, as I am,forgive me if I am wrong.
      hopefully this message will get to you, ple3ase reply to me if you want to, my email address is included

  20. I’m waiting to read an entry that everything is gonna be alright….lol…
    Where is that entry? Well, here it is…
    I’m trying to give it some time….maybe you can too.
    Hopefully, things will improve. New people will enter your life.. We don’t have guts to do things because of what we leave behind. Maybe we should just power through?

  21. This is to everyone on here – I only came across this site today and I am both saddened and slightly heartened that actually I am not alone in this. We are ALL suffering on here that is plain to read. Perhaps we can help each other somehow – I am not sure how but like a gang of like-minded friends we can offer stories and perhaps one thing that made us smile. I know life is crapola. I wish I was dead three times a day. I keep saying it out loud as well as though somebody might be listening. My brother took his own life and I can tell you now that the devastation and guilt left behind is as bad as the worst day we are having. Let us try and help each other because we are the only ones who really know how bad this is.


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