What is Hyperspermia? Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

There is a good chance you haven’t heard about the term Hyperspermia. It’s a rare condition affecting males. A survey conducted, estimated at less than 4% of the male population to be victims. There is a lack of proper scientific research on the topic.

Although the disease isn’t life-threatening or fatal, it can surely dampen your prospects of conceiving a baby. Read on to find out more about this condition and the steps you can take to overcome the situation.

what is Hyperspermia

What is Hyperspermia?

For a person with Hyperspermia, this can rise above 5.5ml. Hyperspermia is a condition wherein a male ejaculates an abnormally high volume of seminal fluid. On average, the volume of fluid released during ejaculation is between 2-5 ml.

People with little knowledge about the disease might misinterpret it as a source of manliness and strength. People experiencing the condition tend to have higher sex drives than others.

Whilst it is generally dismissed as a harmless disease, Hyperspermia can cause fertility problems if left untreated and it is imperative to take the matter seriously.

Hyperspermia can’t be pinpointed to a specific cause or reason. Due to the rarity of the condition, there hasn’t been sufficient research on the topic. However, there are a few causes which are believed to be linked with the condition.

Hyperspermia Symptomps

Hyperspermia symptoms

Unless you are willing to risk your chance of becoming a parent, its best to take an early step towards treating the condition.

Here are some of the symptoms you need to be aware of.

Higher sex drive than normal

People with Hyperspermia have higher sex drives with others. So if your feeling your sexual urges are getting a bit out of control then it might be time to go visit a doctor.

Pain during ejaculation

Men and boys suffering from this condition often experience mild pain during ejaculation. Also, pains and aches in the genitals are common.

Alteration in the sperm color

The sperm discharged will be an off-white or yellowish color.


Hyperspermia is frequently accompanied by fatigue, dizziness, and a sense of tiredness prevails throughout.

The stretchiness of genitals is another common symptom of the condition.

Breathing difficulty after ejaculation

Victims of the condition frequently experience breathing problems for a few seconds after ejaculation.

Erection Problems

Over time the patients will be experiencing erection issues like duration and ultimately the erection would turn out to be very poor.

Lasting discharge of sperms

Obviously, a person with Hyperspermia would find that his discharge might be abnormally high or a bit too much for his liking.

Hyperspermia pictures

Hyperspermia pictures

Hyperspermia Causes

Hyperspermia causes

Drug use

Certain drugs, when used excessively, can decrease the number of sperms in the semen thereby making the semen more dilute.

Intervals between sexual intercourse 

Long periods between sexual activities can also lead to the buildup of semen in the body.

Sexual accelerators

Pills and other objects to increase sexual performance would invariably increase semen levels.


Some doctors have theorized that an infection in the prostate that causes inflammation can lead to Hyperspermia.


Males who are overly hydrated have been linked with the disease.


Consuming food rich in proteins, fibers, and nutrients are said to increase the volume of seminal fluid.

Steroids consumption

Steroids is another step you need to avoid if you are hoping to stay clear of Hyperspermia.


Why should you be worried?

Hyperspermia does not always cause infertility. Sperm along with other fluids constitute the semen. The sperm content in the semen on joining with a female egg leads to fertilization.

When the amount of sperm content is proportional to the high semen volume, then there is no harm involved. Only when the sperm concentration in the semen decreases, does Hyperspermia become an issue.

Less sperm means the semen dilutes up thereby reducing the odds of fertilization. Also, sexual abstinence leads to a higher content of dead sperms which are of no use in fertilization.

Hyperspermia Treatment

Hyperspermia treatment

Hyperspermia doesn’t require treatment if it doesn’t cause any problems relating to fertilization. Prevention is key and it is best recommended to stay away from sexual-performance enhancing drugs and pills.

However, if the seminal discharge is causing you issues then it is wise to consult a urologist. Doctors are utilizing the initial portion of the discharge, separating it and are using this sperm to inseminate the partner.

Medicines are available to increase sperm count. A technique exists where sperm is directly pulled out from the reproductive tract and injected into the partner’ egg. This technique is intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

Wrapping up,

Hyperspermia is a rare condition and there is indeed a shortage of information regarding the cause. Unless your partner complains about a messy bed or too much discharge, you needn’t stress much on it.

However, if it is affecting the fertilization then you seriously need to look into the matter. The symptoms should be noted and any treatments or medicines taken should be under the doctor’s approval.

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  2. I’ve been finding difficulties to impregnate my wife for morethan 4 years now and I’ve been diagnosed with hyperspermia. please what advice or treatment could you recommend

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