What is Generalized Anxiety Disorder? Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

It is well known that if a person is not mentally healthy, he is not wealthy at all regardless of any amount of money he or she earns. There exist two health problems naming mental and physical out of which we as human always try to avoid mental ones.

The main reason behind that may be the physical pain which we don’t feel in case of mental health issues. But that is the prime reason for our physical growth. Depending upon intensity, it affects our routine activities a lot. One of such common mental health issues known as generalized anxiety disorder is spreading like a tsunami.

As the proper diagnosis is still not accurately possible, we try to overcome it. But you shouldn’t underestimate such circumstances. Therefore, inform yourself from Generalized Anxiety disorder causes, symptoms, medication and treatments from here.

Generalized anxiety disorder Information

Generalized anxiety disorder definition

Generalized Anxiety Disorder(GAD) is a condition where an individual finds worry in everything. They find things to worry about every event and as a result, the person might find it very difficult to sleep.

Generalized anxiety disorder brings with it a very pessimistic attitude and hence such people anticipate disaster as the most certain outcome in every event possible.

Whether it be marriage, construction of a house or an upcoming gathering they expect the worst when there is no cause for concern. Their lives become affected by unwanted stress and negative thoughts.

Eventually, the situation gets out of hand and the anxiety affects the person’s day to day activities. We can somehow compare it to psychomotor retardation which damages a connection between mind and muscles.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

GAD is a common condition and millions worldwide are affected by it. Women have a higher probability of GAD than men. The usual symptoms include tiredness, headache, and nausea.

GAD is diagnosed when the excessive worry lasts for around a period of 6 months. That separates it from normal worry. In this article, we will be looking at the possible causes, symptoms, treatment, diagnosis and every aspect of GAD.

GAD symptoms

Generalized anxiety disorder symptoms

Generalized Anxiety Disorder has a number of symptoms. All known GAD symptoms are described below:

  1. Difficulty in concentrating: The individual finds his mind getting blank when facing challenging situations.
  2. Indecisiveness: They find it hard to come at a decision and are always fearful of making the wrong move. The event or situation might be a routine one.
  3. Difficulty in relaxing: Feeling restless, or finding it too hard to sit back and relax is another symptom.
  4. Finding it difficult to ignore or put aside worry about petty concerns.
  5. Overthinking situations and finding solutions to problems that might not even take place in the first place.
  6. Wrong perception of events: Findings events as dangerous or threatening while they are not.
  7. Difficulty in sleeping.
  8. Fatigue and tiredness which come as a result of anxiety.
  9. Muscle tension or muscle aches.
  10. Nausea or a feeling of vomiting.
Generalized anxiety disorder pictures

Generalized anxiety disorder pictures

Generalized anxiety disorder causes

Generalized anxiety disorder causes

The exact GAD causes are still not figured out but there are a number of factors like growth environment, genetics, psychological trauma which appear to accelerate its development.


Genetics has been found to be a key factor in causing GAD. The anxiety and worry are passed on from one generation to another. However, the extent of the condition cannot be determined.

The Environment

One’s surroundings play a great role in shaping up one’s personality. This includes anxiety as well. Trauma events like abuse, rape, the death of a beloved one,  career failures, divorce, losing a property etc can cause GAD. The use of addictive substances like nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, etc. can decrease our resistance to fend off worry and other forms of anxiety.

Brain Chemistry

Chemistry of our Brain has been found to influence our state of mind like stress and anxiety. Our way of thinking has been found to modify neural pathways which connect various regions of our brain. Hence as a result people who constantly think negative cause their neural pathways to modify such as to facilitate such thinking.

Medicines, therapies, and other tweaks can cause these neural pathways to return to their normal states. The important thing is to control your thoughts have the realization that what you think inside can manifest outside.


One’s personality can also induce GAD. People with temperamental problems are at a higher risk of getting GAD. People who have trouble speaking up for themselves and unable to find an outlet for their worries also have a higher chance of getting GAD.

Generalized anxiety disorder test

Generalized anxiety disorder test

gad symptoms
Physical Tests can be performed to check for the symptoms or causes of an underlying medical condition. Blood tests and urine tests can help identify or remove the possibility of certain symptoms. A psychologist may also be helpful for testing the mental health of the patient.

Questionnaires can be done to check if the individual is able to perform his daily duties efficiently or not. Once the symptoms have been identified using the tests, then treatment has to be done as soon as possible.  


Generalized anxiety disorder medication

Treatment isn’t necessary for something you can prevent. Hence let us look at the ways you can prevent GAD. The major GAD medication points are listed below.

Efficient Management

The most common cause of anxiety is inefficiency is the management of time. People find it hard to prioritize their needs. Hence they always feel are not doing enough or are lagging behind. A pending task always creates worry. Hence proper management of time and energy can go a long way in mitigating GAD before it gets worse.

Yoga or Meditation

Techniques like Yoga and meditation helps us to be more mindful. Mindfulness is a state of being involved in the present rather than focusing on the future or reflecting on the past. They also serve as an outlet for negative energy and helps to reduce anxiety. Meditation can also bring about great changes in our thought patterns.

Personal Analysis

If something is causing you unnecessary worry, then write it down. Think about how you can tackle the situation instead of letting it control you. ‘The best way to control stress and worry is by taking action’. Hence always try to work out solutions on how you improve your situation.


Any sort of physical activity helps in reducing stress. In fact, a small workout in the morning can give you extra energy throughout the day. Exercise detoxifies you of negativity.

GAD Treatment

Generalized anxiety disorder treatment

If the doctor identifies the symptoms in you, then he will question you about your psychiatric behavior and mental health. Physical tests may be performed to locate other symptoms if present. The diagnosis is based upon the extent of the intensity of the symptoms.

If you are unable to carry out your day to day activities then GAD is diagnosed. If there is no medical condition, then a psychiatrist will be called upon. Generally, the treatment for GAD involves a combination of medication and behavioral -therapy.

  1. Medication: The use of medicines to a common way to treat GAD. Some of the commonly used medicines include Antidepressants, sedatives, and drugs to cure anxiety. Whilst Antidepressants are generally used for depression they are also effective when dealing against anxiety. The antidepressants may take a few weeks for its effects to kick in, but in general, they are a better way of treatment compared to Anti-anxiety drugs. A commonly used Anti-anxiety drug is Buspar.
  2. Psychotherapy: This is a short-term therapy which is concerned with eliminating the thoughts which lead to anxiety. Such destructive cannot be erased but the therapy is concerned with returning to the normal state as quickly as possible. People who have undergone this treatment have rated it as quite effective.


General anxiety disorder rarely occurs alone. It is usually accompanied by depression or other anxiety disorders. When the symptoms are found, it is imperative to contact the doctor. Most people make the mistake of avoiding the doctor. Only when the GAD worsens and they find it impossible to do their daily activities do they visit the doctor.

The symptoms might not be cured fully and may return again. However, the most important thing is to change the way you think. Try to think positive and ski over the negative.   

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